Vinyl Fencing

For years, ornamental Iron and wood fencing has been the preferred decorative fencing system. With the recent innovations in the vinyl industry many wood and ornamental style fences are available in PVC. The longevity of PVC outlasts wood and metal fencing.

Vinyl fence is a great way to provide security and safety that blends nicely into any environment.  Vinyl fencing is great for:

Picket Fences
Pool Fences
Horse Corrals and Fences
Semi-Privacy Screens
Vinyl Railing


All of North American Fence & Railing's vinyl fencing products are 100% Made in the USA with superior quality American materials, and our entire staff is dedicated to assisting you in any way possible.  Among the many benefits of vinyl fencing, here are a few things you should know before deciding if a vinyl picket, pool or horse fence is right for you.

It's stronger and more durable than wood, so it'll last longer. Vinyl fencing is up to five times stronger and more flexible than wood, so it will withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures, as well as high wind. Additionally, it will not rot or warp over time.

Vinyl Fencing is a  cost effective alternative to a wooden fence. The durability of vinyl fencing ensures that it lasts longer, meaning you receive a bigger bang for your buck. In the meantime, you also will not incur maintenance costs ' paint will not chip and you can clean your fence with a hose or bucket of soapy water. Pressure washing will not harm your fence!

It looks beautiful. Unlike wood that collects unsightly chips and cracks over a period of time, the color on vinyl fencing hides these impurities better than its wooden counterpart

It's better for the environment. Vinyl fences are non-toxic. Vinyl is one of the most energy efficient materials in production, and once it is discarded, it can be recycled again.

It's hassle-free fencing. All you have to do is order the fencing and have it installed. After that it takes care of itself.

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