Ornamental Iron & Aluminum Fencing

Ornamental iron has lived and evolved throughout history; from the medieval period when it first gained popularity for its decorative uses to the highly ornate ironwork that personified the Baroque era. We offer a vast variety of iron and aluminum fence including custom designs and a variety of predesigned fencing that will fit any clients need or want.

Ornamental fence is extremely durable, with an artistic touch that is tough to match by other fencing materials. The many possible shapes, styles, and colors of Ornamental iron and aluminum make it a decorative but imposing barrier to secure borders and entrances. Ornamental iron and aluminum fences are strong, attractive, low maintenance answer to those wanting security without the strong industrial look of other forms of fencing such as chain link.

The dual advantages of openness yet security make ornamental iron and aluminum fencing a favorite choice around homes, pools, estates, and commercial property wanting an upscale presentation. Ornamental iron and aluminum gates, add a beautiful appeal to driveways and entrances, while providing a strong sense of security.

The low maintenance properties of an ornamental iron or aluminum fence are a popular advantage. Unlike wood fencing, there is no need for frequent repainting. Rotting, warping and insect damage are issues for wood, but not ornamental iron and aluminum fencing. Ornamental iron and aluminum fence is extremely weatherproof and stands up well in all seasons.

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